Monday, October 6, 2008

2nd October

2nd Oct. Dresden.

It’s a public holiday here today. All is quiet on the Eastern front. Again, we don’t have time to explore this city. We play in a beautiful church which is still used by the famous Dresden Orchestra to record their albums. It’s a special sound here.
A natural reverb that blows you away.
We play quietly. I’m glad we are able to do this as the audience still captures the urgency and drive of the rock songs and the intricate playing and story telling of others. We are turning into a very versatile band who can now play Libraries, Churches, Rock n’roll venues with sticky carpet, garden and house parties.
What next I ask??

I wish I could have explored this city. We are all intrigued by the history and ask many questions to our German friend ‘Pe Pe’ who is our driver and general helper. He tells of the bombing that happened her during the war. The city was flattened, but is now being rebuilt beautifully.

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