Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cologne. sunday 5th oct...Gloria

Could this possibly be the best show we have ever played this tour?
I await those who were there to give feed back.
I have to apologise for my blogging..daily free Internet can be hard to find on the road, and i,m too tight to put my visa card number in to every hotels hot spot...i,m sure you all understand.
We love playing at Gloria. The sound on stage thumps!


ulpilemili said...
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ulpilemili said...

Yes, this definitely was the best show of the tour!!! OK - I only attended this one ;-)

BUT it is not too exaggerated to use some superlatives:

- most sympathetic introduction of a band
- super emotional gig and best set list you can imagine
- Robert´s melancholic, melodious, poetical singing that brings back long hidden memories
- following Adele´s sensitive, driving, accentuated bass playing from the first row and even getting her autograph after the show ;-))

Too bad, Brisbane is so far away from Cologne.

Have a good trip back to Australia!


Lucky Man said...

hi folks,

me and my wife deeply enjoyed the gig which was warm and touching. the sound was great and all the musicians were in a beautiful mood.

that´s entertainment from a band which serves as a model for poignant tunes, melancholic and wise lyrics.

i wish i could turn back time and see them again including mr. mc lennan..but we have to face the truth and the truth is that mr. mc lennan is still there...didn´t you feel it as well?

thanks for a great moment

dirk from aachen, germany