Sunday, October 12, 2008

last show. Vienna.

'Ohhhh..Vienna..' yes..we all know that song.
All very tired. We had an enormous travel day, then off to FM 4 Radio for 3 live songs and a chat with Eva. A taxi ride back to the venue through the beautiful city..half an hour later, we are on stage performing. I'm trying to boost my energy levels. The choice of fuel available is red wine, white wine, beer, ham, cheese, bread, chocolate ooo and water .
mmmm...I choose wine and chocolate...and I am back! The classic combination.
Again, Robert was in top form and we all played well.

The tour is over.
We celebrate.
We have news we have been asked to perform 'All Tomorrows Parties' shows in Australia, January 2009 and have been nominated for an ARIA for Best Adult Contemporary Album of the year for 'The Evangelist'. We feel excited, as we know we have reached another level within this band and we are very happy as we get to play together again in 3 months.