Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Switzerland. Winterthur. 7th oct..Salzhaus

We had the morning off as we drove all day yesterday.Tis a very still, warm day here. We have walked to the Venue as its just around the corner from the hotel. We are awaiting soundcheck..nibbling on the usual bread, cheese and sliced meat. Robert is busy working on his new song ...we have come up with a groove that is sounding a little like a 'Spanish Stomp.' This is our 2nd last show and I am feeling a little cheated as we are just now playing like 'Spicey Demons'...it,s really great fun. Robert is in fine voice,Glenn has now mastered his transistion from The Go Betweens Drummer to Multi Instrumentalist and lovely Matt has settled into this world of touring, live radio and big shows like an old pro...even though he is only 21...The Engine Room is steaming ahead, the throttle is open and temperature needle has gone off the dial.


bananaslug61 said...

Great show last nicht in the Salzhaus. Too bad Mr. Forster was not in the mood to play more encores. Hope you come back pretty soon!! I promise to bring ein alkoholfreies Weizenbier for Robert then... :o).

little me said...

Yes the show was excellent, but not as well as Frankfurt.
I like Glen's guitar playing, it changes the songs a bit in a dylan way ("a melody around the melody").

The beginning of the show RIVER PEOPLE was very fine.

I hope you all have enjoyed the john fogerty vienna-tape on your way to vienna.

Greetings from blackforst

Another uli

Graeme said...

Yes. A great show and a lot of fun to watch you all enjoying it so much. IMHO you, Ms. A, were playing like a demon! Songs from The Evangelist sounded particularly fine. Thanks!!