Thursday, September 18, 2008

18th Sept.2008. London

Ah . Ol' Blighty!
We arrived yesterday from New York. Wow.!I'm experiencing jet lag today, or was in the G+ T's at the hotel bar last night. I'm not sure, but anyway, we are in our favourite hotel in London, (We have been staying here over the last 12years when we play here....Robert over 20 years. ) in Lancaster Gate next to Hyde...yes...there is wild life in London!!
I bought myself an indoor remote control helicopter which has turned about to be great fun for the band as the tall ceilings allow us not to stack it too often, but only has 3 minutes or less of flying time, so it's fun...but very short lived.
Robert has been off to do BBC radio today. The rest of us have been sorting out the gear to hire and a van as we are driving the rest of the tour around Europe. We have joined up with the rest of our team..Nellie will be doing the merch and Pe Pe will be our driver/ guitar tech/everything else..
Dublin tomorrow...looking forward to the 'Tonic of Life'- Guiness!
Over and out....oh..will try to load up photos

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Elaine said...

Fantastic gig in Dublin, thanks guys. Couldn't get near the merch once Robert appeared. Any chance you could post a full setlist? Sorry, tall order I know...
Thanks again - come back again soon.