Friday, September 12, 2008

Day2. San Fransisco show day

In The Great American Music Hall. Band room: Matt. Glenn

San Fransisco:
Quite fuzzy again this morning from a jet lagged sleep….awake/ sleep/awake. You know how it goes. Woke and had the famous bagel and coffee at the hotel. Again, bumped into Quasi and chatted. Sam has a new exercise which is great for your core strength- it’s called…?… a thick strap that you set up between 2 trees/ poles..quite slack but just above the floor and you balance on it. I’m keen!
Quasi head off on the road . Buy Janet, Sam and drivin'.

Again, another acoustic rehearsal and lunch at ‘Lee’s sandwich place’
Show day: Playing the Great American Music Hall, what a grand old place.
We sound checked… No roadies these days, we set up our own gear. Glenn was very excited about the JC120 guitar amp the venue supplied. With a little help from the Duchess we dialled up the classic 80’s sound heard later that night in “Clouds”.(Glenn wrote that sentence)

The highlight of the evening, aside from the great sounding venue and keen audience was the unexpected light show… I stood back close to the drums for "German Farmhouse" ..suddenly...bang/ fizz/smoke/flash of light, heavy glass falls from above, just missing my head and then my bass amp stops..ahh..I'm about to die!! All i could think of was a potential deadly electric shock..which when I thought about it after the show...if it was meant to be that i popped off on stage, then this venue and the city of San Fransisco was a great place to do it in. It was not meant to be..thank goodness, but i placed the bass on the floor, as that's the only thing i could think of doing. We stopped playing...of course.I had to ask for help..'DI the bass??' "Sure" I said, "after you unplug my bass amp from the wall!" So that is what happened and we started the song again on the solo. A great night!

Had a we post gig party in Glenn and Matts room with Austin, Geff, Bobby... Lovely.


Cory said...

Robert Forster: San Francisco, Great American Music Hall, 10th September 2008

Robert Forster: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Adele Pickvance: bass, vocals (from the most recent GB line-up)
Glenn Thompson: guitar, vocals, drums (from the most recent GB line-up)
Matthew Harrison: drums, vocals

Set One:
Robert on acoustic guitar introduces the show
1. Something For Myself (gb-bybo)
2. Girl Lying On A Beach (gb-bybo+)
3. Love Is A Sign (gb-16ll)
4. From Ghost Town (rf-te)
Robert invites Adele Pickvance on bass on stage
5. If It Rains (rf-te)
Robert invites Glenn Thompson on guitar on stage
6. The Evangelist (rf-te)
7. Dive For Your Memory (gb-16ll)
Robert invites Matthew Harrison on drums on stage
8. Demon Days (rf-te)
9. I’m Alright (gb-16ll)

Set Two:
1. Too Much Of One Thing (gb-bybo)
2. Clouds (gb-16ll)
3. Born To A Family (gn-oa)
4. Head Full Of Steam (gb-lbbde)
5. ??? (“Somewhere…”)
6. Surfing Magazines (gb-forw)
7. Draining The Pool For You (gb-shf)
8. German Farmhouse (gb-forw)
Stage lights blows above Adele – band stops playing
Robert says, “We’re going to take it from the solo.”
8.5. German Farmhouse (gb-forw)
Robert says, The long version!”
9. Darlinghurst Nights (gb-oa)
10. ??? (“One day she’d make it without out”)
11. Spring Rain (gb-lbbde)
12. Here Comes A City (gb-oa)

Encore 1:
Robert on acoustic guitar
1. He Lives My Life (gb-forw) (without Glenn Thompson)
2. ??? (“Country Road … Heart of Tender”)

Encore 2:
3. I Can Do (rf-wn) (with Glenn Thompson on drums, without Matthew Harrison)
Robert introduces the band
4. 121 (rf-cfach)
Robert introduces cover song by Beau Brummels from San Francisco and says, “This is going to be a one off.”
5. ??? (“Going where they…”)

Setlist courtesy of Cory Ferber

Cory Ferber said...

Thank you so much for coming to San Francisco and playing a show. I am so thankful to have attended this great show. It was a magical experience to see the band after the tragic loss of Grant. It felt like a sacred healing to be hearing all those great songs again. The music will live on and is bigger then us.

We were seated in the back. At some point, I got up to dance and then I never sat back down. They play groovy rhythms that make me want to shake my body.

I fell in love with the GoB in 1984 when I was only 13. I bought Metal and Shells in the US. I've followed them ever since and they have been a soundtrack to my life. It is hard to believe its been 25 years! I saw the GoB in 1989 in Cleveland and got to meet the original band. Robert even signed my CD cover, "Hello friend" and "Cory in Cleveland".

The next time I saw the band was in 2005 at Slim's in San Francisco. I really enjoyed seeing Adele and Glenn. I think they are both great musicians and I really enjoy what they have added to the band. I hope they will continue to play with Robert. I loved the reformed GoB albums and the 2 live albums. I am so thankful they recorded the live albums and a DVD! I can be at the show anytime. :)

Again, thanks so much for coming to SF.

Much love,

James Todd Phillips said...

Hi there, Adele... (or so I surmise)!

Nice to find this blog. Look forward to seeing you again in Germany (last time was Heidelberg '05, when you politely shrugged at me as I bellowed to Robert "Will you be draining the pool tonight?"

And September 30, in Frankfurt, will be my birthday! Don't suppose Robert might invite me on stage to play my version of "To Reach Me"...? Really, I could send a video clip to prove my merit. Or a PDF of my freshly-christened MA portfolio in Primary English Education, in which I quote liberally from "The Evangelist"...?

Worth a try. As I said, looking forward to seeing you all.

James Todd Phillips said...

Just in case you want "to reach (fan-boy) me"...!