Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23rd sept. back to manchester for bbc2 radio tonight

Good morning!
In Oxford.
Blogging post bran flakes and hotel coffee is da bomb!
We had a great show yesterday. My amp is back working and that makes me very happy indeed. Robert is in fine voice. Glenn (looking like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and Bob Dylan's 60's period) is adding his 'Gold dust' and Matt is pushing us into another dimension.
We are really enjoying these shows.
We are driving back to Manchester today and heading to BBC Radio for a' live to air '....sorry vague on details....but around 7 pm ish...on BBC radio 6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/marc_r iley/.. He's a grand lad!

Looking forward to playing Lancaster Library on Thursday.
Tomorrow I'm taking the band to Bury Markets for a black pudding (No...they don't know about the pigs blood, best not to tell them until after,) then for an excursion up to Holcombe Hill . Can't wait!


Jx said...

Last night you turned the City of the Dreaming Spires into the City of Aspiring Dreams. We were in two minds whether to come to Oxford or go further afield to somewhere that was not a boring old Carling Academy. So glad we punted for our nearest venue in the end. It was a superb show, gorgeous sound, and you all looked so fit and well. Matt (ah, bless him) was spectacular in Heart Out to Tender. We danced like fools and dug it bigtime. Much love,

Jenko1967 said...

Enjoying the Marc Riley show now, Robert sounds great, the band sounds great! Can't wait for Vienna now, hotel and airport parking booked, what can go wrong?!?!? No delays please, no delays PLEASE!!!