Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday 21st

In Glasgow. It's a lovely sunny Sunday morning. We played here last night and Dublin Friday night. Both shows were greatly received. Robert is no longer writing a set list before we play- we are just going on stage and waiting for him to call out the next song. We love it!
Manchester tonight!


Tock said...

what time are you onstage tonight please (manchester show)?

thank you

Saint J said...

Thank you all for a wonderfull, life affirming evening on saturday night in Glasgow.
To us e a Scottish-ism, "haste ye back".
Oh, I hope Robert managed to get that troublesome haircut!

dogbottomley said...

duchess, get yerself a ricky 4001, you know you wanna.xXx

Dougspec said...

A brilliant show in Glasgow on Saturday.
You caught us off guard a bit coming on at 8 o'clock, but the band soon warmed up, as did the crowd.
Being in the area, I wonder if Robert managed to pop round to see his old pad in West Princess Street...Thanks for a memorable night.