Wednesday, September 24, 2008

23rd Sept: The Oxford Fudge Incident


There is a person known to us whom we shall call Special Friend. Special Friend has supplied The Go-Betweens on their last few European tours with homemade chocolate fudge. The fudge is much prized and enjoyed by the band. It is eaten on the bus, backstage, or late at night in hotel rooms when ‘normal’ found can be hard to find.

Yesterday in Oxford, Special Friend bought a tin of the fudge to the bands dressing room before the show. This was met with warm appreciation from the band. The fudge was tested and approved and we all vowed to enjoy it over the next days, expecting it to last to at least London. Some wag in the band had even said ‘it shall last till Berlin’.

We have woken today to find the fudge tin empty. And the search for fudge eating culprits is on the way.

Tallys are being done in the tour bus now on who ate what. It can be revealed that this correspondent ate a very judicious amount; two pieces. Others have eaten three and others have eaten two. Some whom will never be named ate four. It should be pointed out that there was fudge being eaten by people not in the band. It can also be pointed out that some of the four piece eaters were people outside the band. But we are not angry. We are happy that Special Friends fudge is so popular. And we know that Special Friend when delivering his much-appreciated batch backstage said another round of fudge will be ready for London.

We will take delivery. And keep it under lock and key.

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