Tuesday, September 9, 2008

day 1. San Francisco. 09/09/2008

P Js come to mind when one is sitting at a communal breakfast setting at the Phoenix ( Rockin' Roll) Hotel, surely someone has to turn up in them....the only cool character that did was Janice Ian...yo and behold..we were very excited !
Anyhow, I will leave that one to your own imagination. We then went from there to rehearsal for the Velvet show in USA, this time, Glenn and Matt's room .
Robert had only 2 hours sleep...but was in fine form for rehearsal..I think we sound good! Jet lag is great...
Lunch...at a lovely local Chinese food place.
Then picked up by Dennis The Menace from Radio KUSF 90.3FM (4-6pm Sunday...'Just another menace Sunday) ...a music fan version of Woody Allen....Very generous and great to listen to!
we played at .......studio. 4 songs :Pandanus, Surfing Magazines, Head Full of Steam and Did She Overtake You,then a great interview with Robert by Dennis.
Photo (left): Glenn. Robert, Dennis, Adele and Young Matt.

While eating our take away dinner outside on one of the benches at our hotel, we got to meet up with Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes from Quasi..we were thrilled to see them again!!
Then Janice Ian happened to walk by and stop and chat....I had to stand and curtsy....what a pleasure again!..Janice has just released her own book...busy touring with that and her troubadour commitments...many respects to her..
( Last night, Glenn and i' you tubed' her playing '17' at the 'Old Grey Whistle test'... what a simple beautiful pleasure!)
we might go see Quasi at slims tonight..
oh..jet lag...will we..
oh...Fuzzy wuzzy..

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