Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bury FAMOUS Markets

Since meeting Robert and Glenn in 1995, I have spent many hours probably boring them, as I do tend to repeat myself, telling them of my many trips to Bury Markets with the family, meeting Grandma and Grandad, trying to look cool and hang a distance.. at Vibes records shop ( cause the punks scared me a little), and my regular Black pudding indulgence as I grew up in Holcombe Brook until I was 15, then we emigrated to Australia.
Nelly, Matt, Glenn, PP, Robert and myself dashed from the car park to the markets..and straight to Chadwicks Black pudding stall. I ordered a hot and fatty one... plenty of mustard and tomatoe sauce ...all had a nibble..I think they liked it...!!
Now in Lancaster Library...sound check...goodbye!
The Duchess


sOOz said...

Did you try the Irish black or white pudding? Theirs is quite different! Enjoying the blog and really looking forward to London.
Here's some English surf beaches Robert might like to reference in 'Surfing Magazines' :

David Pickvance (Composer) said...

Did you go up holcombe hill Adele?

preston74 said...

Great show in the Library and a very continental feel to being able to go outside during vthe interval and take in the late summer air and mosey across the square to a pub opposite - with more liv emusic to enjoy!
Just one slight irritation on the night - I got involved in a big round in the pub before the gig and spent most of the cash Mrs Preston74 had allocated for spending m,oney at the merchandise stall.
Is there any way of contacting the people with an order?
I was particularly enraptured by a Cassette copy of the Go Betweens 78-90. I had a treasured copy of this long since but the tape snapped - I have been unable to repair it but also equally unable to throw it away - i think it has a couple of tracks unavailable on any other format
Hope you all enjoyed your black pudding - as a native of east lancashire whenever I see adverts on the Aussie Cricket for "Four and Twenty Pies" I am intrigued as to how they compare with Hollands

Jim Wilkinson

mesfanboy said...

Lancaster was v.good. I was pleased that you changed the set a bit from Manchester, which made it worth going to both for us northeners. Draining the Pool was great especially the improv at the end.
Suggested songs for next tour: When People Are Dead, House That Jack Kerouac Built, Caroline and I, The Sound of Rain.

Can you identify the song that Glen drums on in the encore on one of the blogs? I couldn't place this due to brain fade and all my CDs are in the attic.

mesfanboy said...


OK, I have now realised that you put set lists on the performances page and the song I was on about was I Can Do from Warm Nights.

Must try harder next time...

drunkennoise said...

great show last night! my lady was especially pleased that robert commented on her hair and then launched into demon days!
from hepburn springs to lancaster!
good to see you again.
big love from accrington.


AndrewB said...

Glad the Bury Market trip went well. Did you introduce your fellow musicians to parkin, black peas and tripe? What about the Shakers? Preferably not at the same time. The Manchester performance was fanbloodytastic. I am the guy from Tottington (although I have lived in Liverpool for the last 20 years or so). Please make sure you perform in the north next time you are in the UK