Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday 16th sept....Goodbye USA

Tuesday 16th.sept
At The JFK airport. 2 hours to go before we head off to London. We played 2 shows last night at Joes Pub. The second set Robert described as 70 minutes of the best music he had ever been involved in. We winged it with no set list.
The hair spray is out and the band is starting to take on a ‘look’ – this can happen on tour. Robert is going for early seventies Waylon Jennings.
We are looking forward to Europe. There shall be surprises. Wardrobe is being re-assessed and attitude is being finetuned. I can reveal Robert is lost in the Mama Cass biography and its loving depiction of the early to mid Sixties folk rock scene. He tells us he is ‘digging’ it – this is some of the ancient hipster speak he favours and which we at time struggle to decode. We think it means he is enjoying the book. Read on, Robert.


John in d.c. said...

I had a little dream last night that I caught Robert Forster and Co. at Joe's Pub in NYC as the subway rumbled with benign menace beneath stage and club. No, wait, it was real. So, then, not too cool after all. I can't disagree for even an instant with Robert's comments about the best 70 minutes, and I've seen enough of him in New York and my home base of Washington, D.C., over the span of years to at least have a barometer. I got back home today and finally felt ready to write an Amazon review for "The Evangelist," which I'd been putting off because I hadn't unlocked the album yet, or, maybe, unlocked myself...
Thanks for the invite back to Bowery Electric. Kate's fine company made it all the better. I would have been happy to have sat down and talked the night away with you all, but I had to return to D.C. by noon, so yesterday morning I was doing my own long-distance hurtle in the car. Thank you all for your brief drop in on our out-of-control country. I asked you kindly to come back before I left last night, Robert, and you said you would, and you seem a man of your word. Trust me when I say your ready for anything with this band. (Warning, '60's-speak ahead) Have a groovy trip, man. Peace and love, John in d.c.

Adam Caddell said...

Hey Robert. Thanks for a fantastic show at Joe's Pub on Monday night. I caught the first set at 7:30PM with my twin brother. I basically sat on the couch all evening with a smile on my face. It was also our birthday that Wednesday, which made the evening more special. I loved the live sound of the new songs as well as the cover of Grant's "Quiet Heart." I thank you for the great music and I hope you visit the Big Apple again. Cheers and best of fun on the rest of the tour.

- Adam from NYC

andreasjlux said...

Hi Glenn,
We talked shortly in the Electry Bowery after your fantastic show in Joe's Pub in NYC. I'm the guy from Berlin, who is very much looking forward to your gig in Berlin's "Passion Church". As regards the record shops: The widest selection of CDs you can find at "Saturn" (well, a giant electronic retailer) at "Alexanderplatz" in East Berlin (do you know the movie "Berlin Alexanderplatz" by Fassbinder?). Actually I prefer smaller shops , but "Saturn" is quite diversified(more than, let's say Virgin Megastores) - and rather cheap. If your day off should be Sunday you might like the flea market at "Mauerpark" (Wall Park), which is located at the former frontier between east and west (with a leftover from the Wall) an is quite crowded by more or less younger folk but relaxed and you can find nice souveniers (and CDs or Vinyl). Just around the corner East Berlin's "Kastanienallee" and "Oderberger Stra├če" have a lot of cafes, (clothing) boutiques, a few smaller record shops and restaurants to spend an idle afternoon.
Remember, on Friday there is public holiday (German Re-unification) - most shops will be closed.

Enjoy the rest of your tour!

Best wishes,