Sunday, September 28, 2008


Post show.
We have driven fom London to Copenhagen with the help of the Euro Tunnel and a Ferry over the last 2 days.
A lovely drive..yes..and long..but great to play here. The sound on stage was fantastic and put us all in a great mood to play. Fantastic crowd!!
Back at the hotel...The X files is on's 1.20am. Wake up call 0730am .
Can't wait for my roll mop herrings in a bun and coffee...yum!
To Hamburg in the morning.


Morten said...

Hey Robert, Adele, Glenn and Matthew - what a lovely, lovely evening yesterday in Copenhagen. I enjoyed every bit of your wonderful concert. Can't imagine a better way to spend a Sunday evening. Or any other evening, for that matter. Come back soon.

MarkD said...

hi. Hope you enjoyed the London concert. From where were sitting it was wonderful - hope it felt as good on stage. Mark

daniel.bengmark said...
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Daniel said...

I think 'Morten' said it all above but it was truly wonderful seeing you again in Copenhagen. The Evangelist is a masterpiece and it’s great to find Robert doing gods work surrounded by such talented musicians as on the show yesterday! Brilliant!

Cheers from Malmö, Sweden

doro said...

G´day and welcome to Hamburg! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at the beautiful Fabrik!

Have a nice trip and a pleasant stay...

olle said...

Absolutely amazing performance last night! You couldn't have sounded better. Stunning. You all couldn't have looked better either.

When me and my friends took the train back over the bridge to Malmö we all said it must have been the best concert we've ever seen.
Pure magic. Thanks again and good luck rest of the tour.


Jakob Lund said...

Wonderful seeing and hearing you guys again. Sorry I had to leave immediately after the show to drive back to Jutland. If only I had the time to go to Hamburg tonight.
Jake, the ex-postman, current-English teacher