Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sunday 14th sept

Sunday 14thSept ..travel day from Columbus to The big apple.
Glenn’s driving. It a big red truck…basically drives itself as Glenn said.
Band is on post gig high. The Velvet Show in Wexner Centre , Columbus Ohio was wonderful. The people at the gallery made us feel at home and the stage and venue was just right. Today, the 4 of us have been on the road. High on coffee. High on life and diggin the 500miles to NYC.
Tomorrow night we bite into the Big Apple. No one is nervous but we are excited. We may do a little shopping and be seen in The Other Music Store and St Marks Book Shop.
2 shows tomorrow night and we are ready.
The big decision is what to wear

Band On The Run

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NoName said...

Hey Band on the Run,
just wanted to say, great show at the Wexner Center. I was the Monitor Engineer, and it was a pleasure working with such a talented group of musicians...

some pictures from the show are at http://caw3.blogspot.com/2008/09/rober-forster-velvet-underground.html